Finding a good board for media player

My latest project is finding a good base board for a media player. I my requirements are:

My options seem to be limited, the < 200 euro price tag discards anything Intel, that leaves the ARM boards like Cubieboard, Raspberry PI, BeagleBone Black and Via APC.

Beaglebone Black

The BBB lacks a good graphics processor so isn't an option.


The via apc seem to lack support or a user community completely, they dump a model on the market and then let people hang, doesn't seem like a good idea.

Raspberry PI

The RPI could work, it would need a powered hub and usb harddisk. The powered hub would have to be able to feed both the RPI and the hd at the same time (I want 1 power cord).


The CubieBoard has everything I need, except apparently drivers for the hw acceleration, it has a sata connector (with power) and twice the cpu & memory the rpi has. A 2amp usb power adapter could make it do everything I need except for a cover.

Since this project isn't "due" for December (present for a family member) I can wait a while to see how the cubie ends up, else go for the rpi (or who knows there might be a new model of any of these by then)

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